Thursday, May 27, 2010

Okay....I made a reference on Facebook today about my "Coconut List", while I was complaining about all the complaining that is going on within my circle of friends. I am pretty much over Facebook for awhile and all the cronic negativity that is being posted. I understand that people have bad happens to us all....but I am of the belief that the "bad days" should make you appreciate the "good days".....right??? Yeah for the HIDE button!

In the mean time......what is the "Coconut List"? The Coconut List is an actual list of names that I keep in my head of people that I dislike or are annoyed by. If I was stranded on a tropical isle with these individuals and the possibility of rescue was zero......I would whack them in the head with a coconut....simple as that. So, who wants to go on a cruise with Dorie now??? Know you must be insanely annoying to make the list....and I will never name names of who is on the Coconut List....shows signs of premeditation. The good thing about the Coconut List is that if you find yourself on it......redeeming qualities can get you off. Fair enough.

Good Day Mates!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another wonderful day at home! We have played, and played, and played. Jeff has been working in Jonesboro today, and hopefully he will get home before 7:00 tonight......supper is already done.....I've already ate....yummm.

I went all cavewoman today and cooked on an open fire.....well, bed or coals to be exact. I drove to Knight's grocery store last night after voting and picked up a pack of split chicken breasts. I had carrots and potatoes at the house along with a cabinet full of spices. Today, I had to get up in the attic and bring down my cast iron dutch oven....dust it off.....and then decided to fill it with the chicken, carrots, potatoes and all the oh so good spices......with the exception of sage. WHERE IS MY SAGE?????? I love sage on chicken!

Parker played in his sandbox while I started a fire of cut wood, twigs, leaves and charcoal. I couldn't find any newspaper, so I had to use notebook paper.....that seemed like burning money to me, so I tore off the top of the charcoal bag......much better. Thirty minutes later, the coals were ready and the dutch oven was plopped on top of the heat....with 1/2 of the charcoal evenly spread on the lid. It was lunchtime and it didn't take long for the aroma of the chicken to fill the air and make us hungry. We had lunch outside today on the picnic table while Otus watched....don't worry.....Parker fed him half of his lunch. The boy is a GIVER! Otus was so appreciative of his generosity and decided to poop out a big pile of doggy doo as close to the picnic table as he could. Thanks Otus.....that was some good stuff!

The chicken was finished in about 90 minutes, and the coals were still going strong. I pulled the lid off the chicken and left it outside, ran the chicken and veggies into the house and went straight to the pantry. I just happened to have the ingredients for a Cherry Dump Cake and another cast iron took 45 minutes to cook.

Dinner is done....yeah....just waiting on a hungry husband to bust through the door. Laundry is waiting to be washed of course......but I smell like a smokey hotdog.....a shower is on the agenda first.......I think I will sit in the recliner for a little while longer and digest all that good grub I just inhaled......I'm happy in my stink. Parker is down for a nap, so Mama can take a breather.

This was such a great afternoon with our AWESOME little guy! What a sweetie........

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's Monday, Monday, Monday....and it will be all day. As usual....the laundry is washing, the house is being picked up after a destructive weekend, and more messes are being made as I type. So, this will have to be a short update....well, short for me anyway.

Parker will be lying down for his nap in a few minutes, and I will be putting on my face for a trip to the grocery store in a few minutes.......hang on....gotta check out a noise outside......okay, I'm back. It wasn't the scary men trying to break into our house and discussing their entry plan that I had pictured in my mind....they are having a field day at the elementary school 1/2 mile down the road and an announcer is broadcasting loud and much for Parker's nap time.

The weather is forecasted to be nice this week after a long weekend of thunderstorm and heavy I will be stocking up on meats of all kinds to cook on the smoker my Dad made for Jeff and I. I have never tried it by myself, but theoretically I know how it works......heat and hard can it be??? Jeff is the smoker of the family along with both of our brother-in-law Andy can grill a mean steak too! My mother-in-law Christa makes homemade bbq sauce that is it's time that I add something to the bunch. I am the dessert queen...I bring a sweet and gooey calorie saturated mess to most family functions when's time to branch out from the safety of my sweets and learn a new skill.

This is our smoker that my Dad made...his new one is twice this size! I'll take hand-me-downs any day....thanks Dad! Where is the instruction book for this thing???

However, being true to my roots and the "Dessert Queen"....I plan on making a chocolate pie tomorrow and trying out a new pie crust recipe from the Pioneer Woman cookbook. If you don't have a Pioneer Woman cookbook....for goodness sake get yourself one!!! The Pioneer Woman is named Ree Drummond, lives in Oklahoma with her rancher husband and four schoolage kids, and has released her first cookbook this past fall. Love me some Pioneer me Ree! Did I mention she has her own blog/website?

Anyway, just another day at home with the boys...human and furry alike.....I love these days!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Okay...I usually use this section of my little blog to share daily events and the goin's on of the Littlefield family. However, I have GOT to share this story about my insanely CRAZY parents....

The other day I called my Mom...ring, ring, ring....


'Hey Mom...whaz up'....

'Hold on just a minute'......

in the background I hear my Dad talking "Kathy...where did you put it?"

Mom says "It's in the cabinet on the right..." "Sorry babe...I had to help your Dad".

"What are you guys doing....I ask curious".......

And then I can't believe what she says next........

My parents have this chocolate colored cat named Chubby. They idolize that cat! He's like my furry brother from another mother. Chubby is getting falling apart old....and only has four teeth in his entire head. God love him.

Chubs has been fixed, and likes to stay close to home these days. He requires more food in a day than most grown adults...and is always getting into fights. Of course, the way my Mother tells it....'he just get's picked on because he's old and weaker than the younger Toms'. The cat can do no wrong.

They live outside of town in somewhat of a coutry setting, but with neighbors close by. There is always a new litter of cats mysteriously showing up at their house to pick a fight, and Chubby is constantly nursing a flesh wound.

So...I happened to call over to my parents house the other day after they had caught a tom cat in a rabbit gum (a box to humane-ly trap critters) that they were sure was back for 'round 2' with Chubby Darlin'. It happened to be around Easter egg dying season.....

So I ask Mom "hey, what are you guys doing"? She says laughing "oh, your Dad is just dying a pussy blue in the backyard".......WHAT!!!!!!!

I guess that is where my crazy father decided that the captured tom needed a lesson in manners and an inferiority complex. So.....what do my parents do to give the poor captured kitty an inferiority complex.....

Dye it with food coloring!!! Oh yes....west of Greenwood, Arkansas just off HWY 71...don't be surprised when you see bright red, blue, green and yellow cats wondering about. The first one they caught was dyed red. Dad said that "cat hair soaks up the food coloring"...the cat looked like it was a bloody mess and they were afraid the owners would shoot it without getting too close to it. So, the next one....they dyed blue.....and so on......

Moral of the story is...don't let your cats wonder around my parents house and pick on poor Chubby that has never picked a fight in his life (so says my mother)....unless you want them to have a complex and be dyed like an Easter Egg.

What is WRONG with my family!!!! By the way....the tom cats have yet to come back!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Yeah...I feel like I can breathe again. Our yearly neighborhood garage sales is OVER. The good news is that we cleared $1,000....the bad news is that I'm still exhausted. Parker and I are just chillin' at the hacienda today and trying to catch up on chores. It always amazes me how quickly our house can become destroyed if I don't stay on top of it. We are a bunch of monkeys!

Dishes are piled up, laundry is piled up, and I just want to put on a movie and take a nap. Ya's only 11 am....if I power clean for a couple of hours....I might be able to fit in a nap. Is the nap worth it though if you have to strategically plan it out and have your day micromanaged? Think that I will just play it by ear....and if I pass out from exhaustion...would someone please scoot me out of the way....I prefer a nice quiet corner....a blanket and pillow would be nice too. Thanks.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am stressing just a little today....the cause is self inflicted....but still making me sick at my stomach.

I just called our church (First Baptist in Cabot) to inquire about their 'WeeCare Preschool' for Parker. Luckily nobody answered the I can put it off for another hour or two. I was calling to inquire about their two day a week, three hour preschool program. It is held on Tuesday and Thursdays from 8:30-11:30...I like the schedule and class duration. However, I have a ba-gillion concerns...because my baby has never been apart from his Mama...and I don't know if I'm ready to send him out into the world to be influenced by others.

I like the fact that the preschool is at our church...that is comforting that I know a few people. It is located in downtown Cabot, and we live about five miles north of the city....and I don't know if I could leave him in town by himself.....stomach just rolled. I'm sure that it would get easier the longer he attended and I would be able to let go more....but he's my only baby.

Parker will be three in June, and I think that he would benefit from the socialization with other children. He enjoys his Sunday school class and playing with the other, to the bottom of my toes I believe this would in the long run be a good thing. I question if it is more of a 'daycare' type environment instead of a 'classroom' environment. Another concern that I have is....what will they be teaching Parker....outside from the social aspect of the class? I wonder if he is too advanced for the age group and will be board? He already knows his entire alphabet and phonics, all shapes, most every primary color, numbers 1-30...etc. He wants to read so bad! There is much more to his education than just numbers and letters, but I don't want him to be board if that is all they are going to be doing. We can continue to have class at home...and he can start gymnastics or something. I think a phone call to the director should clear up most of my questions.

Jeff and I have talked about enrolling Parker in a class of some type for a few weeks now (more like months)...and we want to make the best decision for Park....or the one that will give him the greatest benefit. I know that it may not seem like a big deal to alot of people...but it is for the three of us. Park is at an age where he is a little sponge and is VERY EASILY influenced...I don't want a bad apple ruining what we have accomplished thus far. Progression...not our goal.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. No decision that we make is made in haste...and we will have time to sleep on it...and pray for guidence....and sleep on it some more. If anyone has any input about the WeeCare program....please let me know via email...

I think I will go take some TUMS now.....and I need a nap.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

At home with Parker and enoying this cool weather today. We are catching up on laundry that began to pile up after our trip to Greenwood (and Jeff's to Kansas). The Celtic Woman concert is tomorrow night...and I finally get to use the tickets that Santa brought me! I went to the concert last year at the Alltel Arena in Little Rock, AR, and it was A-Mazing! Their voices are unbelievable...and I love it when they just speak....their accents are so cute. I think that Jeff has forgotten about the concert, because he mentioned last night something about traveling to north Arkansas....I would call him to remind him, but my phone had gone to the 'darkside'. I'll catch him in a few.

We still need to finish the flower bed on the north side of the house. The mulch is out there waiting on me, but I am waiting on some hostas. We are wanting to plant some verigated hostas in the bed before we mulch, and I am not finding what I want in Cabot. Jeff said that he would try to find some in North Little Rock today. I gave him a detailed picture out of a flower supplier magazine that we had here at the house, so I'm anxious to see what he brings home.

We have our community yard/garage sale this Saturday, May 1st, and I am cleaning out the closests today. Starting with Parkers and working towards ours, sorting out old stuff and pricing junk for sale. Last year we made around $700...and this year I'll have alot more stuff. Jeff thinks that we have downsized and won't have much this year....hold on's going to be The Littlefield Market....'stockin' em deep, and sellin' em' cheap! Deals, Deals, Deals!!!

Last year was our first Spring in the neighborhood, and we were not prepared for the magnitude of people. They were driving down the streets looking in people's garages the day before....preshopping. I saw an old man drive out several times with truck and trailer loads of washers and dryers...I guess he refurbished and re-sold them....or had really dirty laundry??? It rained, and rained, and rained on the day of the sale...and the people kept coming. I was up at 6:00 am, and the sun was just beginning to break over the were parked outside of our house! As soon as we hit the garage door button, and they saw the light come they came like cows to the trough. I don't have a right to say anything, because I dumpster dive in our neighborhood.

Trash day is EARLY Tuesday morning, so everyone puts their trash to the curb on Monday night. Monday night is a great night for a walk! I will breeze by scanning the stuff that folks have put by the curb in the daylight, and then if I see something good...I will bring the truck back to pick it up or walk off with things when it gets dark. I have brought home a like new Radio Flyer tricycle for Parker, a very nice 6 foot tall gym locker that Jeff now keeps his golf clubs in, a decorative bird house that's in my back flowerbed...etc. Trash to Treasure!!!

This year, I plan on sneaking away and shopping the hood myself. Who knows what will turn up...Antiques I come!