Thursday, May 27, 2010

Okay....I made a reference on Facebook today about my "Coconut List", while I was complaining about all the complaining that is going on within my circle of friends. I am pretty much over Facebook for awhile and all the cronic negativity that is being posted. I understand that people have bad happens to us all....but I am of the belief that the "bad days" should make you appreciate the "good days".....right??? Yeah for the HIDE button!

In the mean time......what is the "Coconut List"? The Coconut List is an actual list of names that I keep in my head of people that I dislike or are annoyed by. If I was stranded on a tropical isle with these individuals and the possibility of rescue was zero......I would whack them in the head with a coconut....simple as that. So, who wants to go on a cruise with Dorie now??? Know you must be insanely annoying to make the list....and I will never name names of who is on the Coconut List....shows signs of premeditation. The good thing about the Coconut List is that if you find yourself on it......redeeming qualities can get you off. Fair enough.

Good Day Mates!

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